MailFinder 3.0

It is a very useful tool for teachers to manage the problems from school
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Mailfinder Limited

Mailfinder is designed to integrate with your current MIS (SIMS, Serco, etc.) and perform tasks which are not available or involve a time consuming 'work-around' to solve. The use of email has become so commonplace people accept they will receive irrelevant messages and just delete them. Over a whole school even 1 message about a student who is taught by 10 teachers out of 100 means that 90 people have to click delete if sent to all staff! This means schools waste huge amounts of cumulative time (and therefore money) when the solution costs less than sending a member of staff on a CPD day.

Mailfinder has been specifically developed in conjunction with teachers, administration staff and senior leadership teams. This means that all the functions address a particularly time consuming task. The overall problem is that in boxes are often full of irrelevant email because it is difficult to access the right data quickly.

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